Hotel management

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Overall dynamic development of tourism requires a multifunctional and flexible system for management of hotel activity. Our team offers own innovative system for hotel management, which is fully directed to raise the quality of customer service and to low the energy and stuff costs.

Central monitoring and control of HVAC

We offer zone control of climate conditions in the hotel – temperature, humidity, air quality, ventilation and so on. Our active modules, thermostats and slave controllers, which deliver the required data control the HVAC equipment – convectors, radiators, fans and others, are monitored and controled from everywhere in the building or remotely by the powerful software platform Automation and Security Center, in which the manual settings are noted through appropriate feedback data. Unlimited scenarios could be set for different controllers, zones and schemes according to the client requirements.

Access control to hotel rooms, fitness, swimming pool, sauna, halls, parking places, working stations and others.

This solution is based on GD08AC, which is the best sold product of Global Data Ltd. It controls different card readers for RFID technology. It gives information in real time for room availability and occupation of different zones, also time and user regulation through access control rights or restrictions for clients or stuff.

Monitoring and control of overall consumption

We deliver an overall solution for power consumption. It includes monitoring of energy, gas, water consumption, as well as energy production if alternative energy source is available. Also we control heating equipment/radiators, convectors, under floor heating/ and air conditioning systems. Different scenario is configurable for requiren temperature and lighting in all zones.

Security and fire alarm

This solution is achieved through a system of sensors for movement detection and protection against unauthorised access and protection. This functions are delivered by master controllers GD08AC and GD09ACEM, slave controller GD09AM and GD09RM, as well as an additional equipment if needed.

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